Peer Review Process

To ensure a fair and unbiased review process, this journal follows a double-blind review policy. This means that the identities of both the reviewers and authors are kept confidential throughout the review process. To facilitate this, authors must prepare their manuscripts in a way that conceals their identity. When submitting to JAPR, please adhere to the following guidelines:


Submit two separate files:

a) Title Page: Include the authors' details (names, affiliations, contact information) in this file.

b) Blinded Manuscript: Remove all author-related information from this file to maintain anonymity during the review process.

By separating these files, we can ensure that reviewers will not have access to the authors' identities while evaluating the manuscript. Please note that JAPR needs the certificate of Hamanandjoo ( in order to plagiarism check before the peer review process starts.


Following the double-blind peer review process, the corresponding author will receive an email notifying them about the manuscript's status. The possible outcomes include acceptance, acceptance with major or minor revisions, or rejection. In most cases, reviewers of JAPR recommend that authors revise their manuscripts and resubmit them for further consideration.

During the revision process, authors have the opportunity to address the reviewers' comments and suggestions. It is advisable for authors to carefully consider and incorporate the recommended changes while respectfully disagreeing with certain suggestions, if necessary. To facilitate this dialogue, authors are encouraged to submit a "rebuttal" note as a Microsoft Word file (e.g., "Rebuttal.doc" or "Rebuttal.docx"). In the rebuttal note, authors should respond to each comment and suggestion provided by the reviewers in a systematic manner, clearly indicating which suggestions they accept and which they refute. When refuting a comment or suggestion, authors should provide a rationale for their decision.

However, it is important to note that revising and resubmitting a manuscript does not guarantee acceptance. Rejected articles will not undergo re-review unless explicitly requested by the editors. Additionally, articles may be rejected without undergoing review if the Editor-in-Chief deems them unsuitable for publication. The acceptance of a paper is subject to compliance with legal requirements concerning libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism that are in effect at the time of publication. Finally, it is essential to adhere to the principle that no research should be included in more than one publication, to avoid duplicate publication.