Effectiveness of family education to improve marital satisfaction in pregnant women

Document Type : Research Paper



Pregnancy as a biological and social phenomenon has a great effect on women. During this stage they experience different psychological condition such as depression and anxiety which could have negative effect on quality of marital satisfaction as well as fetus development.The present research aimed to investigate the relationship between the effectiveness of family education during pregnancy on improvement of maternal marital satisfaction in Isfahan. Using cluster sampling method 93 participants (43 in experiment group and 50 in control group) in their fourth month of pregnancy in May 2011 were selected and divided in two groups randomly. The intervention plan was implemented during four months; two sessions per week. The experiment group was instructed using the family education including problem solving, anxiety control, aggression control, depression coping skills, emotional interaction training, relaxation training, stress coping skills, conflict solving training, communication style training, attention skills, listening skills. Data were collected by examination of medical profile, interview and Afrooz marital satisfaction questionnaire. The results on covariance analysis show that family education can improve marital satisfaction.