The Effect of Gymnastics Training on Executive Functions Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of this study was to investigate the possible effects of gymnastics training on executive function and sensory - motor developmental coordination disorder in children aged 8 to 10 in Tehran.This study was a quasi-experimental study. 34 children with coordination disorders 8-10 years of growth, the availability of objective, were selected and randomly divided into two groups (n=19) and controls (n=15) groups. Research tool for screening, Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire and the Raven's Progressive Matrices test. The dependent variables for the assessment questionnaire nerves- psychological Conner was used. The experimental group received an eight-week program for locomotor intervention gymnastics. Statistical analysis was performed using MANCOVA P≤0.05 significant level.Significant differences between control and experimental groups on all variables, functions Executive (P≤0.05- F=492.454a) Was detected. Results Research Show The Program Training Gymnastics can effect On Improving Executive Functions of Children with New Disorder Coordination Effective growth. It is recommended that schools use the gymnastic exercises can be reduced in children with developmental coordination disorder helped.