The Effect of Teaching by Socratic discussion on Critical Thinking Disposition

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study,in order toidentifythe effect of teaching by Socratic discussion on students' critical thinking disposition in university, was performed in the qualitative approach and by an action research method with theparticipants in one group of education undergraduate students, who were selected by purposeful sampling (N=20). Collecting data were applied by “the standardized open-ended interview”. The interview was organized in tow main themes (evaluation of the education, evaluation of the interactions), and the systematic sequence of five questions. After designing implementing pattern (Socratic dialogue), according to educational topics in educational psychology,teaching method was done in one educational semester and so interviews with participants were conducted by the researcher at the end of semester. Collected data from interview were analyzed by interpretational analysis” and deducted results from them indicated the effectiveness of Socratic discussion in improve tendency to sixelements of critical thinking dispositions (analyticity, cognitive maturity, CT self-confidence, self-evaluation, open-mindedness, truth-seeking).