Development and Assessment of Effectiveness of Coping skills Training program on parenting stress and Marital Satisfaction of mothers with Deaf Children

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was Development and assessment of the effectiveness of the de– stress training program. On the mothers stress and marital satisfaction of parents with deaf children experimental study design with follow- up. 20 mothers were chosen and Assigned to two experimental and control  groups trained to de-stress training program in 15 session .all mothers completed parental stress scale( Berri and Jonse, 1995)and Marital Satisfaction Scale(Afrooz,1389)at the pre-test post-test and one month later at the follow-up stage. Fathers did not attend in intervention but completed marital satisfaction scale in three stages. Data Were analyzed with multivariate Covariance, Result about mothers stress, showed the significant difference between means of experimental and control groups and this difference persisted at follow-up stage. Result of parents marital Satisfaction did not show significant difference between experimental and control groups.  Therefore it can be concluded de- stress training program reduced mother, s Stress and this reduction persisted (p<0/01).