The effect of Ego Depletion on Reaction time and Physical Exercise routines of Iranian elite swimmers

Document Type : Research Paper



This study was aimed to determine the effect of ego depletion on reaction time and routine exercise of Iranian elite swimmers. For this, 36 swimmers invited to the National swimming team were selected using available sampling and divided into control and experimental groups. This research was semi-experimental in pre-test post-test design in ego depletion and non-Ego-depletion conditions. First, a baseline of routine exercises (maximum number of sit-ups in 60s) and reaction time was recorded. After 3 days, Ego-depletion condition was created using Stroop Effect Test. After that, reaction time and maximum number of sit ups in 60 seconds were measured. After adjusting the pre-test scores, the results of analyses of covariate showed the negative significant effect of ego depletion on reaction time and routine exercises (P<0.05). Therefore, these results supported the strength   Self-control model. According to this model, the resources of self-control act as body resources during performance, which body resources was decreased for next task in result of consuming some of that.