The study student‘s academic burnout according to predictors core self-evaluation and Achievement goal orientation

Document Type : Research Paper



This research was done with the purpose of the study of core self-evaluation and achievement goal orientation in predicting academic burn out in students of Tehran city. The method of research is cross-correlation. The statistical population consisted of all high school students in 2015-2016. Sample of 200 students were selected using multistage cluster sampling. Analyzed 170 questionnaires, after discarding the incompletes. Data were collected by Breso school-burnout inventory (2007), achievement goals questionnaire (2001) and core self-evaluations scale (2003). Data were analyzed by correlation, independent t-tests and regression.  The Results showed that there was negative relationship between  academic burnout and core self-evaluation, goal mastery-oriented, performance-oriented and performance-avoidance but there was no associated with mastery-avoidance. Also the results of multiple regression showed that core self-evaluation and mastery-oriented negatively affect academic burnout. And the total, 36% of the variance of academic burnout was explained by two variable. Eventually the results showed that there was no significant difference among of three variables in the two groups of female and male students. But there was significant difference in emotional exhaustion of academic burnout in the two groups, and male had higher emotional exhaustion.