Review on practicality reliability, validity and normalization of couple's satisfaction scale among married women teachers in Tehran city

Document Type : Research Paper


عضو هیات علمی دانشگاه تهران


The current study aimed to observe the practicality, reliability, validity and norm finding of Afrooz couple's satisfaction scale. For this reason, a sample consisted of 415 guidance and middle schools teachers in Tehran city were selected by multi stages random sampling method then Afrooz marital satisfaction scale (110 item, based on likert's 4 point spectrum, fully agree to fully disagree) was administrated by the sample. The result of this study show that, reliability coefficient of this test obtained through Cronbach Alpha was equal to (0/989). In reviewing the structure reliability exploratory factor analyzing was used. After omitting unsuitable questions & by analyzing the main components, Promax rotation and so on, from set of 108 questions, 9 questions were extracted. In reviewing criterion reliability, the correlation of this scale by marital satisfaction of Enrich in confidence level of 99 percent (P=0/01) was obtained (0/437), and results show that, there is suitable convergent reliability between the two above tools.


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