Relationship between compromise and creativity of children with the popularity of parents

Document Type : Research Paper


1 مدیرگروه روانشناسی و آموزش کودکان استثنایی

2 Faculty member of Islamic Azad Univerersity Tehran branch

3 Faculty members of Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between compromise and creativity of children with the popularity of parents. The research method was correlation type. The statistical population was consisted of all students in the fifth and sixth grade of Tehran's 4th district in the academic year 1394-95, and in a sample of 100 individuals and by access available method, executed. To measure the variables, three standard questionnaire of parents' popularity by Afrooz (2012); Social Adaptation of California; and Abedi's creativity (1984) have been used. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics using SPSS software. In the description level the measures of central tendency and dispersion of different charts was used and to evaluate hypotheses of study regression analysis and its assumptions have been used. The findings suggest that.1) Parents' popularity is able to predict the overall score of social adaptation and components of social skills, family relationships, and social relationships, but has not had a meaningful relationship with the components of social templates, antisocial interests, and school relationships.2) Parents' popularity is able to predict the total score of creativity and its quadruple components (fluidity,expansion, innovation, flexibility). The result is that by promoting and reinforcement of parents' popularity socialization and creativity can be promoted.


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