Identifying Tissue Components in Resilient Schools: A Systematic Review

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD of educational psychology, postdoc, AL Zahra university, Tehran, Iran

2 Professor of educational sciences and psychology, Al Zahra university, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education Faculty, Tehran university,Tehran, Iran


The purpose of this study is to identify the tissue components in the resilient school by a systematic review study method.Purposeful research in resilience literature(2006-2021) has been conducted in articles and publications related to resilience issues and school processes.Data mining was limited to articles explaining how every aspect of the school context supports resilience.Finally,32 studies were selected for detailed review.
The first factor emphasizes the importance of teacher's role and includes the components of supporting student autonomy,student participation and engagement,teacher support and encouragement,respectful communication with students,and set expectations of students.The second factor is the overall context of the school and includes six components:equality and fairness in school,avoidance of labeling,safe learning environment,school atmosphere,meeting the basic needs of students in school and extracurricular activities.The third factor considers peers as permanent supporters of resilience and includes acceptance and support of students by peers,participation and mutual unity in doing homework and using student peace-making circles to solve behavioral problems.The fourth factor considers the role of adult guidance and parental support for children's education.The fifth axis refers to teacher resilience.In this regard,three issues have raised regarding the help of psychologists to teachers,role of school ecology in teacher resilience and increasing their awareness of resilience processes.