Evaluating the children’s perceived parenting style and marital satisfaction in predicting spirituality among children

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study was conducted to examine the implications of parenting styles and parental marital satisfaction in elaborating spirituality for children. This correlation study was conducted for 200 male and female undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Tehran and their parents. Participants were selected based on a convenient sampling method.  Relevant data were collected using dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS), Perception of Parenting Styles (POPS) and Spirituality Questionnaires Subscale of Subjective Well-being Questionnaire. The data was analyzed based on descriptive statistics and regression analysis.  The findings indicated that three variables of parents’ dyadic consensus,   parents’ expression of affection and mothers’ nurturing and supportive behavior may predict spirituality in children. Healthy relationships between parents and parenting styles with warmth, empathy and affection have significant implications for shaping spirituality among children.