Psychometric Properties of the Short Form Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2R)

Document Type : Research Paper



Valid objective measure that can be easily carrying for assessment of  competitive anxiety is not available in Iran. Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2R (CSAI-2R) is introduced as a quick and easy diagnostic tool for competitive anxiety. The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of CSAI-2R in the part of Iranian society. The study population included all volleyball, handball and basketball athlete of Tabriz city in 2012. From this population, 184 students (69 volleyball players, 61 basketball players, and 54 handball players) were randomly selected. The reliability results showed that the reliability of three aspects of CSAI-2R with Cronbach's alpha method were 0.79 to 0.84. Convergent and construct validities were confirmed validity of the CSAI-2R. The results of factorial analysis as main form the CSAI-2R, were revealed the three separate but correlated factors for Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2R: cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence. Based on these results, we can say that the CSAI-2R is reliable and valid instrument for measuring competitive anxiety in Iranian culture. Considering the short revised form of  CSAI-2R and lack of long-scale problems in that scale, its use is recommended for future research