Relationship between Marital Satisfaction & Thinking Style among Married Women Teachers in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper



Marital satisfaction is one of the most important components of healthy function in the family. The current study was aimed to review the relationship between marital satisfaction & thinking style among married women teachers in Tehran. For this purpose, a sample of 200 married female teachers of secondary schools in Tehran were selected. It was a multi stage random sampling method. Research tools were Afrooz marital satisfaction scale (110 questions) and Thinking Styles of Strenberg Wagner scale (104 items). Statistical data were gathered from 169 questionnaires. The results of this study through correlation analysis showed that there is direct and meaningful relationship in confidence level of 99 percent  p= (0/01) between general marital satisfaction and some components of thinking style such as: legislator, judicial, hierarchical, global, liberal thinking styles, and also with executive, individual-based, extrovert thinking style in confidence level of 95 percent (p=0/05). Also there was not meaningful relationship between general marital satisfaction with local & internal thinking styles. Also there was direct and meaningful relationship between most components marital satisfaction and thinking style in confidence level of 99 & 95 percent and there was no relation between the rests.