Comparison of implicit learning and academic achievement in multiple grade classes in primary schools

Document Type : Research Paper



According to interactions in multiple grade classes, the present study aims to compare different class compositions in three different groups of fourth-grade multiple grade students in implicit learning and academic achievement. Statistical population consists of all fourth grade public elementary school students in Piranshahr. 3 groups of students including 8 girls and 8 boys were randomly selected. This research used a Causal Comparative method. Four researcher made questionnaires in mathematics and science courses for fourth and fifth grades were used to collect data. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics; analysis of variance and Sheffe's test. Findings showed that there weren’t significant differences in academic achievements between multi grade students. Other findings showed that there was significant difference in implicit learning among three groups and this difference was beneficent for fourth and fifth grade students. Also there wasn’t a significant difference in academic achievement due to implicit learning between boys and girls.