Explaining relationship between academic burnout, child- mother relationship pattern and resiliency in girls students

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present research was explaining relationship academic burnout  and child – mother relationship pattern with intermediation resiliency , by using structural equation modeling (SEM). Research method was descriptive – correlation . the statiscal sample of this research was included 461 girls student high school in Tehran city that they were selected by multi- stage cluster sampling method and they were  completed Breso burnout questionnaire, child- parent relationship questionnaire and conner and Davidson resilience scale. The results indicated that the model had a good fitness with the data.Gained indexes were Chi-Square=295.150,Comparative Fit Index=0.939, Goodness Of Fit Index=0.926, Adjusted Goodness Of Fit Index= 0.899 and Root Mean Square Error Of Approximation=0.066. There were direct effects child- parent relationship pattern on academic burnout and indirect effects with intermediation resilience. Resiliency had  negative meaningful relationship with academic burnout.