Analysis of Cognitive themes of professors' lived experience about the quality of virtual education courses

Document Type : Research Paper



Nowadays the information and communication technologies has caused many transformations in every aspects of human life. The outbreak and development velocity of this evolution in the education systems has been outstanding; therefore the necessity of recognizing its shortcomings and improving them has risen to a much higher level. For this purpose, using an interpretative approach, an analysis and a representation of perceptions and lived experience of professors and teachers in Virtual education of University of Tehran, Efforts have been made to reassess the quality of virtual education system. Thus, by using a hemi-structured interview technique and the acquired narrative data from the interview with 11 professors and teachers and their analyses, an effort was made not only to understand the case study phenomenon from their point of views but to produce considerable results and increase the reliability of the findings. Consecutive and continuous caparison derived from the interview with professors and teachers resulted in extraction and representation of the seven main themes including ((interaction, feedback, flexibility, content, accessibility, evaluation, creativity)). Using the narratives of the participants, in this essay each of these seven main themes is analyzed and represented.