The nature of knowledge in the viewpoints Schleiermacher and its psychological and educational aspects



The purpose of this study and criticizing the viewpoints Schleiermacher about the nature of knowledge and its psychological and educational aspects. The research is used analytical method. Result of this research indicated that  Schleiermacher  believed that explanation  of  knowledge  is  more  than  anything,  dependent  to language  and  expressions  understanding is due  to  re experienced  mental  use  of  authors  text  and interpretation  means  rebuild  personal thought From interpretation point of view. Schleiermacher hermeneutics is overseeing two different ways to interpret. He called this two-way grammatical or manner method and psychological or technical method. He believes that in the same way that every word has a reciprocal relationship; similarly, in understanding the word is two dimensions. Schleiermacher in psychological interpretation focuses on the reconstruction of the text by reconstructing author thoughts. With his emphasis on understanding the educational process, allowing trainee in understanding and the trainer will be able to understand the perspective of the audience. Thus the trainer and trainee to reach a common language. He knows full restoration of historical context possible while the critics we can never fully reconstruct past events and interpretation is mediator between the events of its past. In total for the trainer and trainee understanding and mutual understanding in the education system are in need of explanation and understanding. Accordingly, by applying the principles of hermeneutics especially relying on the psychological dimension can be to overcome education problems.