Communication behavior skills of Muslims with non-Muslims

Document Type : Research Paper



The principle of efinitiveness is a true and fair communication skill  and behavior pattern within every field of human interaction such as economic, political, social and etc.It is based on four principal factors including honesty, frankness, mutual respect and having win-win situation in relationships as well as avoiding dominance and subordination. The study of verses and  Sunnah clarifies that having good and amicable behavior with non-muslims in community life and coexistence based on tolerance was an obligatory communication behavior  of muslims with non-muslims. Tolerance means admission and endurance of adverse ideas in other religions which are unacceptable in our view. The Islamic Tolerance is accompanied with  pure respect,   magnanimity and religious liberty.Establishing universal peace, avoiding to treat non-muslims as second class citizen and achieving the genuine truth are the most important theoretical principles of tolerance in Islam.. This study using an analytic-descriptive and psychological method investigates tolerance and its theoretical foundations with an  approach towards communication behavior skills.
Keywords: tolerance, charity and communication behavior skill