Comparison of effectiveness of neurofeedback and mindfulness techniques on improvement of the attention and performance in free throw in nonprofessional athletes

Document Type : Research Paper



Achieving the optimal performance of attention is the most important goals among athletes in the race. The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of neurofeedback and mindfulness methods on performance in free throw shooting in nonprofessional athletes. The method was quasi – experimental and had pre- post- test as well as control and experimental groups. Thirty six nonprofessional athletes participated in this study and divided in to three groups. In the pre- test, SELECTIVE AND DIVIDED ATTENTION TEST and also basketball free throw test was performed. Neurofeedback group practice alpha/ theta and SMR/ theta protocols for ten sessions, mindfulness group also practice MSPE protocol for six sessions. then post- test was performed. Data were analyzed using two related samples tests and paired sample T Tests, K independents samples tests and ONE WAY ANOVA. The results showed that the difference in mean score of the experimental and control groups in attention and also in performance was significant (p<0.05). but there is no significant differences between the experimental groups. It is suggested to sport psychologists that use these methods for improve attention and performance