The Effectiveness of Educational Intervention Based on Career Adaptability on Career Decision Self-Efficacy of University Students

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Tehran


The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effect of intervention based on career adaptability on career decision self-efficacy of undergraduate students. This study was a practical research in terms of purpose. It was a quasi-experimental study with a pretest-posttest design and a control group and with the two-month follow-up. The statistical population included all undergraduate students of the last semester at Isfahan University in the academic year 2022-2023. 30 students (from faculties of Psychology, Literature, Management, Foreign Language, Physical Education) were selected. Then they were randomly assigned to two groups of 15 individuals: experimental (seven girls and eight boys) and control (nine girls and six boys) groups. The participants in the experimental group (not control group) received the intervention for nine sessions of 90 minutes each. Finally, data were analyzed using SPSS-25 software and ANOVA with repeated measures. The results indicated that the educational intervention based on career adaptability has a positive significant effect on career decision self-efficacy and its dimensions such as self-evaluation, occupational information, planning, goal selection, and problem-solving. This intervention can be used as a means for counselors of university counseling centers that deal with many students who have difficulties in decision-making.