Keywords = neurofeedback
The effects of Neurofeedback on Anxiety decrease and Athletic performance Enhancement

Volume 7, Issue 4, March 2017, Pages 21-37


Seyed Mohammad Zadkhosh; Hassan Gharayagh Zandi; Rasool Hemayattalab

The Effects of Neurofeedback Training on Balance, Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Volume 7, Issue 4, March 2017, Pages 89-100


Yousef Moghadas Tabrizi; Reza Rajabi; kamran sabzi dizajyekan; Masood Nabavi; Reza Rostami

Comparison the effectiveness Dialectical behavior therapy and Neurofeedback in reducing prodromal symptoms of bipolar disorder

Volume 7, Issue 4, March 2017, Pages 101-116


Marziyeh Poursalehi Navideh; Mehrangiz Peyvastehgar; Zohreh Khosravi; Fatima Golshani